Current Students and Research Fields:

QIN Fuying               Ph.D. candidate   Interactive changes of vegetation and climate over Mongolia Plateau

MA Wei                     Ph.D. candidate   Regional climate effects of landuse and cover change

Sangeeta Sarmah    Ph.D. candidate   Response of terrestrial ecosystems to climate change  in South Asia

ZHAO Huichen         M.S. candidate     Carbon flux and primary production

Sana Ilyas                 Ph.D. candidate     Wetland and climate change

AI Jinlong                 Ph.D. candidate     Net ecosystem exchange cross scales

SHI Zitong                 M.S. candidate     Ecosystem and climate change

Past Students and Affiliations:

ZHAO Junfang, Ph.D., Chinese Academy of Metorology

SHI Mingjie, M.S, University of California San Diego, USA

WANG Hesong, Ph.D., China University of Forestry

HU Yonghong, Ph.D., CAS Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth (RADI)

ZHANG Anzhi, Ph.D., CAS Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP)

GAO Hao, Ph.D., China National Meteorological Satellite Center

LU Wei, Ph.D. China National Oceanic Administration

HE Yuting, M.S., Pennsylvinian State University, USA

ZENG Heqing, Ph.D., Provincial Government of Sichuan

CHEN Hongping, Ph.D., Insurance China Company

XU Ronghan, Ph.D., China National Meteorological Satellite Center

MIAO Chen, M.S., China National Meteorological Administration Huafeng Group

HOU Jiangtao, Ph.D.,  The Globsight Co.

Visiting Scholars:

Howard Epstein, CAS Senior International Visiting Professor (2013-2014), University of Virginia, USA

Mutlu Ozdogan, START TEA Adjunct Professor (2010-2012), University of Wisconsin Madison, USA

Kristine Garcia, START Fellow and visiting scholar (2013), Manila World Agroforestry Center, the Philipines

Flannery Ballard, START TEA Intern (2013), University of Virginia, USA


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